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Sana Zone Trading SRL / Romania, a multinational pharmaceutical company which markets pharmaceutical products, medical devices, food supplements, pharmaceutical/cosmetic/food substances and packaging, both in the EU as well as in third countries, is looking for persons with experience in this field willing to become Authorized Representative Business Partners of our company (called Partners) in their countries of origin. Our partners will establish the products, quantities and prices of the products to be purchased from authorized companies of their countries of origin as well as the conditions of the sale of these products to authorized companies of the EU and third countries, according to the existing commercial relations. All transactions shall be carried out in compliance with the law in force by means of our company, and the Partner shall receive a large part of the margin obtained from the performed transactions. Our company will grant exclusivity to the Partner for all these procurement-sale channels.
As minimum requirements, our Partner will have to know English, have experience in international pharmaceutical transactions and be the owner of a trading company which will conclude a services agreement with our company.
If you are interested, please send your CV to the following address partner@sanazone.ro
All the details regarding the terms and conditions of our collaboration will be provided to you later on.
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